Tazel Institute Exposes African-American Male Students to Career Opportunities

There are countless motivational and inspiring speeches to be found online.

But on Wednesday, a group of men, and their words, were bound for a more personal audience.

Juniors in the Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan School District are taking part in the Tazel Institute.

A program for young African-American males.

"They are the most incarcerated, they are the most with joblessness, and I don't think it is because any kid is bad, I think it's because a kid hasn't been shown the right way," Leon Tazel, owner of the Tazel Institute, said.

The institute connects students with African-American men who've been successful in their careers.

"What we try to do is open these kids minds as to what they can achieve," he adds.

Getting them out of class and into real world settings shows them possibilities.

"The goal for this day is to make sure these young men know they have an opportunity here at the university, but we want to make sure they know they have an opportunity in whatever path they decide to take,"said Barkley Barton, Associate Director with the Office of Admissions at the University of Minnesota.

The institute has been in existence for a couple years, already this year students have visited law offices, the Met Council and now the university.

In addition to the speakers, these young men toured campus to see what student life is like.

Juniors David Wright and Victor Wedden say the program has absolutely opened their eyes to opportunity.

"It was the last speaker that really hit home for me, I could relate to a lot of his family situations as well as goals and intentions," Wright said.

"You learn a lot of things you wouldn't normally learn by yourself, and this group just opens us up to that," Wedden added.

The Tazel Institute is always looking for more businesses and corporations around the metro to partner with, if you'd like to help, you can reach out to Leon Tazel at:  ltazeliii@comcast.net

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