Our core values are reflected in our parent promise and represent our highest aspirations for how we engage as leaders, partners, alumni, and broader members of the community working on behalf of diverse students. We believe that when we most fully embody our values, they will enable us to fulfill our promise and mission of solving problems outside of the classroom so that all can succeed inside of the classroom and beyond. 


The Tazel Institute will support and provide education in and out of the classroom.  It is expected that parents will support The Tazel Institute by discussing student visits, homework, and meeting with teachers during parent/teacher conferences.  


The Tazel Institute will enrich your student’s education by holding him accountable to school attendance, homework, excursions.         


The Tazel Institute will provide a wide range of professional development and educational experiences throughout the duration of the program. Each year is specifically tailored to provide engaging opportunities that meet students where they are in their high school journey. 

A note to Future Leaders 

Through the partnership with parents, school districts, and The Tazel Institute we will create a support system that is built for success.  Leadership will come through hard work, dedication, and a desire to learn continuously.  You are our future, and the future is bright. 


The Tazel Institute will give your student an inside look on the inner workings of business, careers opportunities, and several industries that make up our economy.  They will also enjoy the pleasure of meeting African American professionals who are successful in their field of work.